Spring Uraraka Edogawa Canoe

春うららか 江戸川カヌー

A son who was a tennis boy woke up outdoors and has recently climbed a mountain

It seems to go to Kendake in summer. (I also climbed in the summer of Koichi)

I took a canoe to Edogawa.

Chichibu Nagatoro may be used from the beginning, but if it can be straightened in still water, then it is early

I asked my brother to take me to the canal,

The weather was nice today, it wasn’t too hot and there was a breeze more than I felt

Eventually he went down more than 15 kilometers.

春うららか 江戸川カヌー

春うららか 江戸川カヌー
Take a break in Nakasu. The rape blossoms were in full bloom.
春うららか 江戸川カヌー