Order online and receive in 1 hour. What is visible beyond that is


If Amazon Prime Now is in 23 wards, it will arrive in 1 hour! !

Wow! ! you know.

I’ll start with 3 fresh foods in the future (although in the United States, Amazon Fresh is already the name).

Receiving in one hour means that the range of several hours is narrowed like in the morning or 12 o’clock to 14 o’clock as in the conventional time zone specification, so you can order on the way home and receive it when you go home right.

The advantage of the delivery side is that it can be completed in one time because there is no absent delivery.

In the future, as it will be pulled by the Amazon, “1 hour” will be the time limit for other Internet supermarkets.

The future of this service is similar to the pizza delivery war.

Will it be a long time ago? If you couldn’t deliver it within 30 minutes, there was another free service.

Eventually, it disappeared due to an increase in accidents and increased costs due to the speed of the bike increasing in time.

However, since Amazon is set up, the products and areas sold at Amazon Prime Now will surely expand.