If only Japanese retailers are Amazon.


“If only Japanese retailers are Amazon?”

If you can’t imagine this, it’s over.

Online shopping Amazon 1st will be confirmed this fall.

There is no other online shop in Japan.

(Except for shops with only original products as an exception)

Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping have become Owakon.

The decisive factor was Yamato’s negotiations with Amazon about raising the price.

This was influenced by small and medium-sized online shops.

Due to the lack of drivers, it is impossible to drive 4 tons with the current license of young people. Even if you join the company, you must go to the school again.

 Aiming for the same profit by reducing the number of courier services = Significantly increase the fare of existing customers

The major courier companies are cut off if they don’t raise the price, so they are negotiating with a small and medium-sized online shop.

The fare has risen considerably since early spring, but the fare will surprise you everywhere after the fall.

The courier company that greatly raised the fare also reduced the number of items, and it sounds like a body blow.

Because the number decreases far beyond expectations

Profits will decrease rapidly if the number is less than expected.

So, I think that it will be understood if it is too early in the fall, but Amazon will build a delivery network on its own even without drinking a price increase of Yamato Transport

Of course, the cost is about a little higher than the fare currently paid for Yamato Transport.

If the negotiation with Yamato Transport breaks down, the most troublesome is Yamato Transport.

Amazon will build its own delivery network.

Small and medium-sized net shop is held by a courier company

It will be only Amazon that tries to do something on its own.

Rakuten and Yahoo are also gatherings of small and medium online shops.

It is not sold on its own like Amazon.

Three years later, there will be no shadow of optimistic Yahoo shopping.

Maybe an Amazon courier is delivering packages from Rakuten / Yahoo shopping companies

Amazon is the only retail store in Japan.

The delivery company controlled by Amazon becomes the best in Japan

That future is approaching