Backup is important. If possible, it is better to automate


Just the other day, stupid mistakes occurred continuously, and the data on this site was blown away by the last useless push.

I was pale, but I remembered that I was doing paid automatic backups.

The backup update was probably the default, so the 15-day update did not return the August article.

But it was saved!

Perhaps manual backup would only return articles a few months ago

Backup is limited to automatic

Currently, articles written as backups every 3 days are saved separately in Evernote.

By the way, there is a blog for children’s records (unpublished) in the live door blog, but if you check the backup status here,


Although there is no function to back up all article data, export data other than images can be created by using the export function.
For details on the data export procedure, see “Exporting Blog Data (Export)”.

It seems that there is no choice but to back up manually