Daughter 20 years old


The other day was my daughter’s 20th birthday

The cake was bought by my mother this time without any special celebration.

But 20 years.

That’s why she has been involved with me since my late twenties.

Snow fell a few days before the daughter was born.

This time, heavy snow fell a few days ago.

I don’t think you can remember that you don’t want to be the first child.

Perhaps it didn’t leak out, she collided quite a bit when she was in high school.

When she was in high school, she was a brass band. In the morning, I left my house before 7 o’clock and went home after 20 o’clock with the first place in the month

If you think about it now, you’re going to be crazy about how to pour that passion, but at that time, the daughter who cut out everything except club activities was unpleasant

However, no matter how much you say, after a little while you can return to normal without pulling back, it was true which blood was taken over.

Daughter is a single-legged character that goes straight in a bulldozer

I used to be idle in the past, but now it seems that I’m pushing forward with my dreams and goals. (I don’t know any dreams or goals)

When I draw my daughter’s growth curve in my own way, it seems to be at an angle of 45 degrees

In other words, it is getting better every time you are younger.

I really think so

So there is a sense that there is a stagnant scene somewhere

How much can you do at the landing?

If you struggle with struggling or struggling,

In English



I think it ’s going to grow explosively.

I can see an interesting drama for the next 10 years

happy Birthday!