From now on, it is YouTube’s era, so let’s study with “the world’s easiest blog x YouTube textbook first grader”

According to prominent blogger Ikeda Hayato, it is the time of YouTube

Surely, if you become 5G and the communication speed dramatically increases, video viewing will increase greatly, so I studied “the world’s easiest blog x YouTube textbook first grader”

-Table of contents-

1st time: Get a head out on your blog and YouTube!

2nd period Learn the flow of blog and advertising revenue

Let’s challenge YouTube for the 3rd period

Create a popular blog by writing an article for the 4th period

5th period Let’s make a video

6th period Let’s use various distributions

It has the above configuration

Although there is a recommendation such as a smartphone application for video editing, there is no description about how to use the application, so please check the details separately.

Isn’t it a hurdle to have more than 1000 subscribers because it is the most problematic when considering monetization on blogs?

This is tight.

However, if you have a blog, there is no doubt that inserting a video will enrich the content.

I am also a video editing amateur. The photo taken when the children were young is still unedited.

This book is likely to trigger