Incorporate outdoor tools for everyday use. Rice at Mestin


Typhoon No. 15 and Typhoon No. 19 caused significant damage from Tohoku to Kanto, Chiba Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagano Prefecture.

I also experienced a power outage for more than half a day in Typhoon # 15.


Even when I saw the interviews of the victims on TV, there were many stories such as “I had been thinking that I was a stranger until now. I never thought I would be a disaster victim” or “I have never experienced such a disaster until now.” It was.

The recent disaster is a large-scale disaster that seems like two choices, whether it takes a long time to return to the original life, or whether it can not return.

A power outage is natural.

If a power failure occurs, electricity cannot be used, and water cannot be supplied if electricity is used to pump water.

If you rely only on cooking rice cookers, you won’t be able to eat after a power failure.

It is useful for those who have experience of cooking rice using pots, pans, clay pots, etc.

So I cooked rice at Mestin this time.

In the first place, what is a mestin is an aluminum rice bowl.


I have a genuine CrystalMX mestin. The mestin itself is sold by many manufacturers, but this CrystalMX mestin is not needed for deburring and can be used simply by seasoning (simmering with rice sharpening juice for about 20 minutes).

Miso soup is essential when using it at home. Even if rice cooking does not go well and it is a little hard, there is no problem if it is miso soup

It is a good idea to examine the water level.

First of all, whether it is white rice or no wash rice.

The amount of water depends on whether you soak it for 30 minutes or not.

In case of cooked rice