Daughter’s first driving manual for beginners

娘の初運転 運転初心者マニュアル

My daughter got a driver’s license.

I got on the first drive because I needed to drive at work.

Glittering things that came up a little.

Checkpoints before driving

Confirmation of insurance card Register the phone number of the emergency support desk of the insurance company to be called when an accident occurs in the smartphone
Adjusting the seat and mirror
Check the position of the gasoline tank lever and the role of the lever around the handle

Checkpoint during operation

Distance between vehicles It is better to take some distance at first. Even if the previous car has been confirmed, there is no room for the movement of the previous car, so it cannot be confirmed
Lanes of lanes When you are driving in the lane of two lanes on one side, you gradually approach the left. I’m more worried about the right lane, and I’m more offended.
Correspondence when the signal is yellow Cannot be crossed with a big crossroad. Judgment is necessary.
Do not drive when sleepy

Future tasks

Read the map. It is dangerous to rely on navigation from the beginning. Check where you are going on the map beforehand. Find your own easy-to-use map at the bookstore.
Do not put people until you are confident. 】 If you put on another person, you will have conversations and distractions, so you should not drive on until you are confident by driving a long distance alone.
Practice driving alone. Sense of tension is totally different.
Driving in various weather conditions Because it ’s Kanto, it ’s ants that do n’t ride when it snows. Sense of wiper on a rainy day. Check the viewing distance at night. How to use the high beam or the high beam of the oncoming vehicle. Use of sun visor in direct sunlight.

My daughter first told me to tell me how to put in the garage.

There is no problem because there are no cars around if you park as far as possible even if you park in the parking lot of some store. The cars around the base are stopped, so you need to do more turns than people.

If you find this parking lot difficult, just leave it clean.

I think the most important thing is to ride the distance first.

There are many things you can learn just by running straight and long distances. Rather, it ’s because it ’s the longest time you ’re running straight.

How was my first driving?
I remember well.

From Matsudo to the Sunshine City Cultural Hall in Ikebukuro on the day of delivery (manual vehicle).

At that time, a canoe teacher opened a shop and got the canoe career he had asked for, and then took a canoe to the boathouse near the Ome Line Sawai Station upstream of the Tamagawa River.

On the way, I passed by Seikei University. (I think you have already made a mistake at this time)

I could n’t get into the gear, so I turned around.

Good memories now.

I want my daughter to enjoy driving