I read Hiroshi Arakawa’s “Silver Spear”

My son told me “This is interesting” and read “Silver Spear” 1 to 5
According to his son, reading this book has increased the number of candidates in the Faculty of Agriculture.
Certainly, if you meet this comic when you were a junior and high school student, there might be many children trying to do farming or dairying.
Just like the Pacific Rim Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP)

The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement began as an economic partnership agreement between Singapore, Brunei, Chile, and New Zealand and entered into force in May 2006.
On January 1, 2006, it was pledged to eliminate 90% of all tariffs between Member States and to reduce and eliminate tariffs on all trades by 2015, trade in goods, rules of origin, All free trade agreements, including trade remedies, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, trade technical obstacles, trade in services, intellectual property, government procurement (such as the purchase of public works and goods / services by national and local governments), and competition policies It is a comprehensive agreement covering the major items. One of the objectives is “to increase market presence through strategic alliances between small countries”

Since agricultural products can be imported cheaply, the future is unclear.
If you’re making something delicious, it’s not okay.
It’s natural to aim for something that is good and cheaper in any country
Tamako Inada is also in volume 2

“Agriculture is not a charity.
Gain stable income by mass production efficiently.
I can’t make money, I can’t fight the current world with the agriculture of the previous era. “


 Quotes in the silver cage

“Is your life written entirely in textbooks?”
Mikage Aki’s Grandpa

If these words are said to be a student, you will get stuck
Another grandpa

It ’s a love to pour “Grow up deliciously”!
Pets love “cute and cute”
Each person has a different position.
There are many forms of love

The principal of the school is Hakken main characters

You are different from economic animals that have no escape, so there is escape to live

It is worth noting that you have escaped and changing it to a plus

The most memorable scene

The thing that impressed me most was the scene of deer dismantling
I read and thought that I couldn’t live without killing creatures including humans
Among them, humans are special.
If you’re a bear, you’re eating salmon (although you’ll eat other)
I don’t want a bear to change my taste and eat a bird today
Does not protrude from my life zone
Only human beings.
It ’s hard to find a delicacy or a high-priced food,
I’m eating the same food without getting tired
The thing I remembered in the scene of dismantling was the dismantling of whales
Wada in Chiba Prefecture is famous as a whaling base
In 2004, I visited a place where whales were dismantled (with children)
Both were still elementary school students
I think it was an intense experience
I took the pictures from the top to the meat, but here I will only take this one
Dismantling took place in a very harsh atmosphere
There is a memory that went down quietly without the private language of those who started work after the first appreciation.
It was a scene that made us feel that humans are living with the lives of other precious creatures