Actually, it was best to take a bath in the daytime to prevent heat shock

Japanese bathrooms and toilets are cold.

Compared to an apartment, it is cold and uneven.

The place where I live now is 280m above sea level and the bathroom is huge.

Even when taking a bath, the entire bathroom does not warm up.

If you don’t lay a bath mat, your feet will stick (lie)

The day when I take a bath recently is in the daytime.

This is good.

Whatever you say, it ’s better to spend the daytime than at night.

It seems that myocardial infarction is caused by a large temperature change due to a sudden temperature difference due to heat shock, so the temperature difference is milder in the daytime than in the nighttime.

In Japan, it’s not a culture where just a shower is ok.

The bath doesn’t change every time a person enters, so it may be the night when the family enters, but this is life-threatening, so even if it costs a little gas, you can enter the elderly and daytime People recommend bathing in the daytime.