Where to go for Hebo Shogi


As of today, my results at Shogi Club 24 are

2125 wins 2238 losses win rate 487

Up to 948, the current 700 units are comfortable.

I pointed to more than 4000 stations.

Shogi is fun too.

By the way, according to Wikipedia,

According to Yuta Fujii, he was rated 2400 points at the 3rd grade of encouragement society (around 2013), 3090 points at the 3rd grade of encouragement society (around 2016), and around 4th grade (around 2017), which has been continuing the record of undefeated wins since his debut. 3240-3290 points

I also use professional athletes in practice shogi.

The shogi club 24 is very hard. There are a lot of strong people, so it’s hard to go up.


It’s only up to 7th grade.

However, even in the general public comparison table, it is the “town dojo regular” level, which is one level higher than “invincible in the workplace / class / neighborhood”.

Certainly, professional athletes also point to practice shogi, so in the seventh grade level, the general level seems to be a level that is easier than the first level, so if you adapt it, the highest level is not the eighth level, but the twenty level Is it unavoidable because it becomes thirty steps?

 It means that it is not the age that becomes strong just by pointing what I understood by pointing more than 4000 stations

Maybe elementary, junior high and high school students are just pointing, but their level is getting higher, but it’s over 50.

Then, how can I become stronger, but I thought about all the current denials.

As it stands,
1 Point to shogi only on the net. I haven’t done the game for 10 years or so on the shogi board.

2. Do not read Shogi books. So forgetting the fixed schedule and not knowing the new fixed schedule, it may be disadvantageous at the beginning

3. Don’t do Tsume shogi at all

4 Don’t arrange game records after playing.

5 If you drink alcohol and play, there are many oversights and you will lose 10 consecutive losses.


To do the opposite. .

1 Use a shogi board. Now that you can easily get professional records on the net, let’s try thinking while arranging one by one.

2 Read Shogi’s book. Subscribe to Shogi World

3 Try simple shogi shogi

4 Save your games and arrange them

5 Drink and don’t point.

Let’s aim at over 948 points with this