I read Keiichiro Hirano’s “At the end of Matinee”

Finished reading Keiichiro Hirano’s “At the end of Matinee”.

This is a story about five and a half years after the meeting of classical guitarist Atsushi Kanno and Yoko Komine, a journalist working in Paris.

The movie has just been released. Masanobu Fukuyama plays the role of Kanno and Yuriko Ishida plays the role of Yoko.

I read them in the image of these two.

I have only met 3 times in 5 and a half years and fall in deep love.

Many people say that this is not possible, but I want to get acquainted with someone who seems possible.

This story is pierced by Sugano’s next word

People believe that only the future can be changed. But in fact, the future always changes the past.

It can be said that it can be changed or it can be changed.

Isn’t the past so delicate and easy to feel?

The future may always change the past, if you are a person who first loves and somewhere else, if you are completely different, or if you are a nice person more than your own memories. .

After the ending, it was good to have a lingering finish that imagined how the past of the two changed.