Do you know Tomoka Igari?


It was today that I knew her name, Tomoka Igari.

I don’t even know how many members have heard the name of Masked Girls


The main injury was
・ Rupture wound
・ Head wound
・ Fractures (legs, ribs, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae)
・ Spine injury
As a result, both legs were paralyzed.
I couldn’t walk or even move my legs with my own power.
It ’s very unlikely to heal,
In the future, I was forced to live in a wheelchair.

It seems that it has become the underlay of a signboard that has fallen in a strong wind.

The blog post also includes pictures of wheelchairs and rehabilitation.

I don’t think she’s another person because she’s close to her daughter.

What would you call if you were a parent

The accident occurred on April 11.

She has been looking forward in less than a month.


There are many things you can do while riding in a wheelchair even if your legs get stuck.
I want to write a song for a masked girl.
I would like to talk about radio, lectures, moderators, etc.
I want to continue to support Saitama Seibu Lions as long as I live.
I would like to write a note in order to leave this accident for myself.
If you give it, there is no sharpness.
The direction will change, but there is no change in the desire to communicate something.

I read her blog and my uncle was cheered up.