I saw Shin Godzilla and realized that what I lost as an adult was imagination.


I watched “Shin Godzilla”.

I am in my early 50s

When I was tiny, I was watching Godzilla, Mothra, King Kiddra. 1960s

In front of my grandmother’s house, in front of Matsudo’s Teruyu Kaikan (movie theater), my aunt came to the entrance and I could see it for free. (I know the reason but cut because there are various problems)

At that time, I was a kindergarten child. Why were you so scared?

There is a huge monster that I have never seen before

It ’s a monster. It’s not on the pictorial book.

The place where I live is also destroyed by monsters.

I’m sure that my childhood thought.

If you live in this world for more than half a century, there will be no monsters.

In that sense, I would like to see the same kindergarten children as I have seen.

Those who can shoot such a movie even when they grow up are probably those who have lost the imagination I’ve lost even when I grow up

That’s great with it.