What I thought in half a year after moving to a rural area




I was born and raised in Matsudo City, Chiba and moved to Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture for more than half a year.

The area of ​​Matsudo, which is about half the area of ​​Ito, is 483,000, whereas that of Ito is 68,000.

I don’t see particularly young people because of the low population density.

I haven’t seen so much that I’ve seen so much.

Because the university is concentrated in the city center, all children between 18 and 22 are sucked into Tokyo.

Once settled, you can’t go back to the countryside. Certainly there are attractions around Tokyo

The young people you see around Ito Station are mostly tourists

You can be a tourist. If many young people gather. Settlement is beyond that. When people gather, people who provide services to those people also gather. If successful, employment will be born.

I think the biggest tourism resource in Ito City is the sea.

But I do n’t feel like taking care of the sea

You can surf at Usami Beach. The waves don’t seem big so it’s a beginner surf spot

Ito City is not easy even though it is coming with great effort. Usami Beach is within walking distance from the station

Isn’t it possible to make free showers, toilets, parking lots, and the roadside of National Route 135?

The building that was probably used nearby as a convenience store is still vacant. I’m sure the eyes to see the location of that industry will be unattractive as a location


Other than that, fish as fishermen and food. Marine Sports. There are so many seas. I will write these at another time.

The most surprising thing about moving in is that there are few bookstores.

There is only a decent bookstore around Bunkyo-do along National Route 135. I often go through the road, but I have no memory.

Where the upper bookstore must have a car.

There is no book-off of used books

No matter how much it was done by the Amazon, the number of bookstores is the data that shows the cultural level of the city. Adults must create opportunities to touch many books while they are small.


However, I realized that I was really good at Ito. You can see the sea from the second floor of the house. What makes me feel so calm. It is a superb view from Mt. On a fine day, Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay and 360 degrees are wonderful. I will make another site to convey the goodness of Ito from now on.