It is not suitable for such a person.


Occasionally I meet people who make me feel that I have never lived for more than half a century.

If you don’t do it, it’s obviously not that person, but it’s not educational background, financial power, status or fame.

So what kind of person is

A person saying thank you to a clerk at a cashier at a convenience store or a nearby retail store

It is not suitable for those who can express their gratitude.

Isn’t the person’s ability appear in such a place?

Even if it’s a trivial thing from another person’s perspective, you’ll never forget that customer. I think so even if I’m a clerk.

I can’t say thank you right now, but I’m saying “Domo!”

That’s all for the story, but I can’t forget the scene I saw at the convenience store the other day.

The uncle brought a weekly magazine from the magazine shelf and made several copies of the necessary pages. And the guy who browses the sports newspaper.

I thought I was dead