How far can I follow my dream? Read “Miracle Apple” by Akinori Kimura

A story by Mr. Akinori Kimura who succeeded in pesticide-free cultivation of apples, which was said to be absolutely impossible.

Mr. Kimura challenges apple-free cultivation of apples in various ways.

However, no results are achieved.

800 apple trees will die.

Mr. Kimura, who has exhausted everything, enters the mountain to commit suicide.

At that time, if you try to put a rope on the branch, it will come off.

When you go to pick up the rope, you will find a magically shining apple tree (actually an acorn tree) and find tips for organic farming.

The trees in the forest are growing nicely without using pesticides. We focused on the invisible ground (soil), not the visible ground.

Mr. Kimura has been pursuing his dreams until that time when he tried to end his life.

I think that the miracle is that the apple found a hint at the last minute of this life rather than a miracle.

I think Kimura-san’s example is very special, but how far can I keep dreaming?






廻り道でも道は道 はるかどっかにたどりつく