I tried using Kindle Unlimited for 10 days.

Kindle Unlimited読み放題を10日間使ってみた。

We report usability

Anyway, the number of books to read increased

Because it is 980 yen, the amount of reading centered on high-priced books has increased.

I think that there are still a small number of Japanese books at present.

However, it is good to be able to read books without hesitation to pay or read.



To be honest, books that don’t sell their names aren’t a big publisher, and there are quite a few mistakes. In fact, there are many loses.

It ’s annoying to read one book for free on Amazon Prime.

If you think it’s all-you-can-read, there’s a sense that you can even forgive

I don’t read everything. It becomes speed reading.

If you were paying for it, you could read it halfway and even if you thought it was Tsumaranai.

It ’s boring. If you do n’t think it ’s useful, stop there.

Therefore, reading speed of one book increases.

What will happen in the future

Aside from long-sellers, books that have been published after publication will be free to read.

Even if it is sold at a secondhand bookstore, it doesn’t cost the author

In the future, all-you-can-eat will accelerate more and more

Unlimited listening, viewing and reading of Amazon. And if you look at the real, you can drink as much as you want, eat as much as you want, and call as much as you want.

All-you-can-read / manga drinks at the time of comics cafe

In the future, the tendency to buy time instead of buying things will be stronger