It’s not a native bracken or a spring, maybe tempura made from trash


I think people who know a lot of plant names are really nice.

This is probably like trash that grew up in the garden.

Bracken is “蕨” when written in kanji. I knew this kanji when I was a high school student because there is Sakai Station on the Keihin Tohoku Line.

I remembered that when I was a high school student, the tree in front of the station was supposed to be a terrible starling, but what is it like now?

If you write the spring in kanji, it is “rose”. This is a rose “rose”.

And kogomi is “bent”

A spring is one wounded shoot. The three are bracken? Is that?

It ’s like a spring and bracken that you need to pull out when you eat.

I thought it was kogomi, but I didn’t remove it and made it tempura, but I didn’t feel it, so it was probably garbage


It would be great if you picked wild plants and made tempura on the spot.

But this tempura is also moved to Izu. Thank you. Thank you.