Give Ryusuke Koyama “Future Remodeling Plan for 20’s Exciting in 10 Years” to Children

I read most of Ryusuke Koyama’s books.

I learned a lot about how to use smartphones after iPhone and how to organize information.

You should still read HACKS!

(Before Koyama-san, it was Yamane Kazuaki. The play series and Yamane-style filing system were incorporated.)

This is a book for people in their 20s who are coming to society.

I have lived for more than half a century, so it doesn’t matter, but my children were at that age.

That’s why I read it before giving it to my child.

This book
Let’s regain your life with Chapter 1 <Apo to yourself>
Chapter 2 Let’s allocate 20% of time to <Jibun R & D>
Chapter 3 Dare to pick <Chestnuts in the Fire>
Chapter 4 Expand your active <stage> and become a real nomad
Discover Chapter 5 <Jibun Philosophy>
It is made up of.

What impressed me the most was the “Introduction” part.

How to change from an anxious life to an exciting life every day

In order to be able to live without anxiety, if you are confident that you can feel happiness at any moment, you will be thrilled

Mother Teresa is cited as an example of happiness at any moment

Mother Teresa embraces the vagrant who is nearing his death, as everyone says “Do not care for such a man.”
At that moment, the man is surrounded by a sense of happiness that he has never felt before, and then ends his life.
The unrewarded life until now will unfold greatly at the end. This is the miracle of life

The vagrant would have finished his life with a happy ending.
He argues that the happy ending is not a “total amount of happiness” but a problem of “happy moments” whether happiness is felt at the moment of death.
I’ve never faced the moment of death, so I don’t know how I feel at that moment, I would n’t be able to scrape those moments. At the moment I think that if you can accept everything at that moment, it will be happy.
Live exciting every day = Life that ends every day with a happy ending. I would be happy if my children would do so every day.