Mr. Nobukazu Kuriki passed away in Everest

I knew Nobukazu Kuriki’s Everest Challenge in the CM of AbemaTV. (Although you can only see Shogi, there are some commercials)You were planning a live broadcast, right?I didn’t check him on a daily basis, so I only know about the news that comes when he fails to climb.I don’t understand what he says “sharing”.I was wondering if the viewer watching through the screen would share “same time or moment” with him who was actually climbing even though it was broadcast live.In the first place, I think that the adventure is only for myself who is challenging.I don’t know if he’s an adventurer though.If you don’t take this form, you won’t have a sponsor.I just wanted to come back alive.I found a very deep blog post about Nobukazu Kuriki. Please read by all means.That was expected to happen about a year ago.