How the results of Shogi Club 24 improved


The score of Shogi Club 24 as of today is 7th grade, 883 points. The total was 2155 wins and 2259 losses.

The previous article (Which is going to be Hebo Shogi from now on) was July 29th, and this time it was 9th grade 747 points, totaling 2125 wins and 2238 losses.

Two ranks have been raised in the past month. In the meantime, 30 wins and 21 losses.

Of course there is a reason for improving the grade, but that is. . .


Think about title battles that you can watch at the shogi corner of using the same time as the players

A young professional explains, but think anyway while listening to it.

The reading of professional professionals and the big picture are very helpful.

And various battle types appear, so you don’t eat and don’t hate

I’ve been able to level up this way, so I’ll go this way for a while!