There’s one thing I want but not a flashlight mania

Since there were various kinds of lights such as flashlights, I summarized them.

The most recently purchased is the top one in the middle. It is the most advanced handheld.

This is bright anyway. If you use a spotlight, you can illuminate far.

The weight when you hold it is just right. 150g including battery.


 Three lights with handles that can be turned manually.

One of them comes with a solar battery. (Left top) I bought it for about 300 yen, so I don’t know if it’s really charged with a solar battery.

The third one from the top right is a smartphone that can be charged by turning the handle.

The ones that are turned with the handle are prepared in the event that the battery cannot be obtained during a disaster.

Have you ever experienced the fear of darkness?

Real darkness cannot be experienced if you live in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In my experience, I can see Mount Senjo in the distance. If the toilet is outside and you don’t have a flashlight, you’ll be stepped on and you’re likely to get terrified.

If a disaster occurs in the middle of the night, you will panic if you have no light.

I think you should have one with a handle to turn on the light by yourself.

Headlight is convenient because both hands are free

The headlight (the black diamond at the bottom left) is handy because it gives you both hands free when cooking for camping.

However, if you drink alcohol with the headlights on, you will be dazzled by people around you. I’m going to shoot directly.

I have so many flashlights but what I want now is this

I found it at a home center the other day.
A flashlight that is made by Panasonic and can be turned on with any one of AAA batteries.
Panasonic Any battery light

If you look at your own battery (eneloop) stock, you have extra AAA. AA has a wide range of uses, so there are only four remaining.

When you need a flashlight, you don’t know which battery size is extra. I feel safe to use any of them.

What happens inside is


Four sizes of single 1, single 2, single 3 and single 4 can be stored one by one.

Can be used for about 86 hours in a row when all four sizes are stored

■ Battery EVOLTA approximately 85 hours and 30 minutes (1 single form: approximately 50 hours single 2 form: approximately 25 hours single 3 form: approximately 8 hours single 4 form: approximately 2 hours 30 minutes)

Panasonic Alkaline Batteries Approx. 66 hours 15 minutes (Single 1 form: Approx. 40 hours Single 2 form: Approx. 18 hours Single 3 form: Approx. 6 hours 30 minutes Single 4 form: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes)

Looking at this battery life, the usable time of AA is much longer than that of AA. As expected!

If there is only one weak point, isn’t it possible to make one for each size?

Will the weak point solution be to prepare a battery spacer?

If you have one, you can increase the usage time.