Youth! This is a must-read. Ryu Murakami “All men are consumables.”

A guy I bought at a Kindle sale long ago.

Ryu Murakami has just read “The Melancholy of Tennis Boy”.

I was reading this too. → Hello life from 55 years old

This “All men are consumables” is serialized from August 1984 to September 2013.

Anyway, it’s still a huge amount and still only reads up to 16% on Kindle.

I didn’t know much about becoming Ryu Murakami, but it was amazing to fly.
It was such a person.

In this book, there is a little talk about “a girl friend who has been raped while traveling around the world or who has sold her body”. Is this friend nearby?

I’m not there.

Read it anyway. The story is then.