Jim Rogers says it ’s North Korea if you can invest! “Reading with the Flow of Money: The Future of Japan and the World” PHP New Book

“Reading with the Flow of Money: The Future of Japan and the World” Jim Rogers New Book

table of contents

Introduction The wind is blowing from Asia-but the wind has “strong and weak”

Chapter 1 Japan with great potential

Chapter 2 The Korean peninsula will become “the most exciting place in the world”

Chapter 3 China-the country closest to the hegemony of the world

Chapter 4 Great Powers Surrounding Asia-America, Russia, India

Chapter 5 Don’t miss the wave of great changes

Chapter 6 Future Money and Economic Shape


The first chapter says, “If I am a 10-year-old Japanese, I will leave Japan immediately.”

The population is declining due to the declining birthrate, the debt is growing, and we are pessimistic about the future of Japan that does not take immigration policy.

Jim Rogers is said to learn history. What happens in the future is only a repetition of the past.

History tells you again and again that a country that has excluded foreigners and closed its doors will continue to decline.

It’s called.

I think it’s true, but I feel like I can see a little bright sign.

Specifically, it is the presence of professional tennis player Naomi Osaka and other half athletes.

Maybe Naomi Osaka wouldn’t have been so cheered by a long time ago.

Even if the parents are not Japanese in this way, the number of Japanese will increase as foreigners acquire Japanese nationality in a gradual form.

In that sense, the number of people living in Japan will increase due to the recent tourism boom by foreigners in Japan.

I would like you to stop investing publicly insignificantly and invest in children in the future that are free of tuition and other expenses to the university.

Chapter 6 has many pages about AI.

Once all the money exchange is done on the computer, the government can understand all our actions. The government will know that you are drinking too much coffee or going too far into the movie. It ’s not very pleasant.

Eventually, the government will create its own virtual currency and force the people to use it.

Isn’t it time for tax evasion from now on?