Pokémon GO was the only small habit that has been implemented by today, writing that small habits are important


I wrote it myself the other day.

That small habits are important.

So I’m going to write a blog. I didn’t write it from the moment I said it.

In other words, the book and movie that I read started creating another website. (I stopped it)

Thanks to Amazon Prime Video, I started to watch a lot of movies.

Of course, it is often boring.

I can’t write anything that is boring because I want to write it down for later recording.

I’ve been frozen.

Over 50 of these days, no matter how you think, over half of your life has been too easy.

I remembered that my father, who died at the age of 71, said before his life, “It’s like a bonus because the old man died.”

My grandfather died in his 50s (55 or 58).

When thinking so, the minimum goal is 71. Even if it is 71, you can see the cherry blossoms only 20 more times.

The story has been derailed.

It was about Pokemon GO.

When I thought about what I was doing every day, I had to go to Pokemon GO at least one Pokemon and one Pokestop every day. If this continues for 7 days, you can get bonus points. (It seems that you will get a sign of everything on the 7th day from now on)

However, this will not continue without Pokemon GO Plus.

I tried a battle for a while, but I’m embarrassed.

It is impossible for Mr. Otto.

I have to stop when I battle, so I sweat a lot

When I walk, I put Pokemon GO Plus in my jacket pocket and push one hand into my pocket

What should we do in the warm season when you don’t need a jacket? That is my current problem.