Patricia Cornwell


I finally read Patricia Cornwell’s Gentile

This inspector Kay Scarpetta series is read from the first “ inspector ”, but I bought a book from the middle but it was just piled up

Even this “Gentile” is a work of 2009

In January 1992, the “Inspector” was published in Japan.

It is still around Christmas time that the fourth work, “The Real Criminal”, lined up at the bookstore.

If you think now, you are married in the year of the first issue

After that I went on a turbulent journey and think again

I was shocked when I read “inspectors”.

A profound and precise stage setting. How deep the characters are and how poor the original Japanese 2-hour drama is. (Is the comparison target original?)

There are 3 more works and 6 volumes to catch up, but I want to read new works at the end of this year

By the way, when I read the coroner series, the image of the main character Kay Scarpetta was

Patricia Cornwell himself.