I read Toshio Okada “Smart Note that Makes You a Genius”

Toshio Okada “Smart notebook that makes you a genius” was read on the Kindle version.

I think it was a sale when I bought it. It was 238 yen, but now it was 450 yen.

This book was like a scale from my eyes

Genius conditions

The condition of the genius that I define is a person who combines these three abilities: creativity, expression, and logic.

Specifically, Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Marx, Takeshi Kitano are the same.

There is a lack of one of the three, whether by Matsumoto Hitoshi or Shimada Shinsuke.

To become a genius

Training for that is phased in from the first phase to the seventh phase

Phase 1 Keep a 5-line diary
2nd phase action scoring
Phase 3 Start logic training
Let’s talk by showing the fourth phase
Phase 5: Brain links begin
Phase 6 From knowledge to education and insight
Phase 7 finally out

If you are writing a blog, start from Phase 6-7

That’s right.

It seems that if you write without clear insight, it will be either normal or floating from the surroundings

It is interesting to write anything and write something interesting because it has a proper insight.

I am currently struggling in the third phase

However, when I thought about it by writing various things on the right page of the notebook and asking myself, I found that I usually do not dig deeper and think about things.

I won’t go into the details of how to write notes, but I think it’s worth trying.

The bestseller that I haven’t read yet, but was quoted in this book, “Don’t be fat forever!”

I may have better read this first for me who have gained more than 10 kilos since high school.