Natsuo Kirino read “The Night Abandoned by Angels”

桐野夏生 「天使に見捨てられた夜」を読んだ

I read it early in the morning on New Year’s Eve

This is the second volume of the female detective Murano Miro series in Shinjuku Kabukicho.

The cover looks a little different from my image

This is a hard-boiled novel that feels like Shinjuku Kabukicho.

It was interesting to read, but the reason why I was not convinced was that Miro would sleep with Yashiro who might be the criminal

The detective is the culprit in the setting of mystery novels.

Felt like a setting close to that

When I was reading it, I thought “Eh, Seriously”.

Surely the story will speed up from there. . .

But this series is interesting. Read also