Read Ryu Murakami’s “Hello Life From Age 55”


I read Ryu Murakami’s “Hello Life From Age 55”

I immediately Amazon when I saw a big advertisement on the bottom of the three sides of the Nikkei Shimbun

I still have time until the age of 55

Still there was something to feel

The cover band was written as follows
“Hope is waiting for sprouting in you, not in the country.”
Many people are worried about the future. But there are people who are looking for new ways without anxiety. Marriage, re-employment, recovery of family trust, encounter with friendship, love for pets, love of old age …
A story of “restart” filled with various colors.

This book is composed of 5 episodes
1 Marriage Consultation Office
2 Once again the dream of flying in the sky
3 Camper
4 Pet loss
5 Travel helper

List the keywords that came to mind after reading the five stories

Divorce, old age, remarriage, encounter, money, health, regret, loneliness, anxiety, family, dreams, friendship, challenge, retirement, re-challenge, own time, depression, new human relationship, new family relationship, death, Life, living, couple, laughing, changing times, lonely death, illness

How old is it to be a year old?

There are some things that have never passed in my life about keywords that came to mind. Some keywords already apply.

You may feel that there are a lot of words that imagine the keyword itself, backwards, or anxiety.

Still, this book is a story of a fresh start.

I wasn’t the only person who felt refreshed after reading

So if you do n’t read it, it ’s not.

I want to write about this book again later

Ryu Murakami says in a memorandum that there is one thing in common about the five protagonists. “That is the person who has built what kind of trust relationship with them in his life. It was the first time that he wrote a novel with such a consciousness of the word and concept of“ trust ”. It is tied with.