I read “How to Eat Sake, Do n’t Get Fatal Even If You Are Spoiled”



So-called carbohydrate restriction (= carbohydrate restriction) diet book

The reason for the purchase was that there was an advertisement in the Nikkei Shimbun and I just saw it.

We were attracted by title and purchased

I was really fat compared to my high school days

64 kg (height 171 cm) because I was doing canoeing in high school

Was the chest circumference at this time about 98cm? There was no 1m.

And when I graduated from high school, 66 km.

It was an increase of only 2 kilos, but when I play basketball in physical education

I felt pretty tight and angry

And when I was in college, about 73 km

When I started work, I gained more weight.

At one time I went over 90 km

It was strange when this happened, but I was driven by a sweet temptation that I wanted to get 3 digits at a time, but that was the maximum weight of my life (recorded by 2004)


The above image is a thing when I frustrated trying to write a diet blog (embarrassed!)

As of July 11, 2004, the body weight is 88.8 kg and the body fat percentage is 29%.

Is your body weight about 79 kg today?

I fell off the peak but I’m hungry

Speaking of not exercising, the Kasumigaura Marathon on April 15 also finished in 5 hours 21 minutes 43 seconds

I remembered writing

The 1995 Kasumigaura Marathon finished in 4 hours and 8 minutes, and weighed 73 kg at this time.

It was the marathon that was so thin that I really wanted to lose weight.

I fell asleep on the return train and took a rest at the transfer station

I forgot to say I’m diabetic

I like sweet things. I love Gohan and it’s like this

It ’s not good if you do n’t fix it in your diet.

If you exercise, you will surely fall

However, because there is no strong will as in the past, the movement does not continue

I ca n’t really do this

Anyway, I want to get my old body again

I write with that feeling