Denka Yamaguchi “What is important to the“ town electronics store ”that customers are willing to buy even if they are 100,000 yen higher than the others”


What is important to the “town electronics store” that customers willingly buy even if it is 100,000 yen higher than the others

Denka Yamaguchi, President, Tsutomu Yamaguchi
On the cover, even if a single light bulb or a little trouble is called, “I will go to Tonde” as soon as it is called.
What does a retail store with a gross profit margin of 38.9%, a surplus for the 14th consecutive quarter, and a debt-free management think about and what is it doing every day?
There was.
でんかのヤマグチ 「よそより10万円高くてもお客さんが喜んで買う「町の電器屋さん」が大切にしていること」

I knew Denka Yamaguchi was a late-night TV that I saw by chance a few years ago.

I was doing an event at the store and handing out a strawberry pack.

After that, I visited the door-to-door with customers with strawberries.

It seems that he has visited many times to explain how to use electric appliances, changing bulbs, being asked to use them. .

Denka Yamaguchi is not selling cheaply but selling high (= increasing gross margin).

When a major consumer electronics chain invades the trade area

Reducing the number of customers to one third,

Narrowing the trade area,

Limited to one Panasonic manufacturer

It ’s the ultimate Lanchester strategy.

What we are doing is the opposite of Mr. Yamaguchi

It is a bargain shop that anyone can do

That ’s why it ’s a book I ’ve worn anyway.

As you can see from reading the book, I think Denka Yamaguchi wasn’t successful because he sold home appliances

Product does not matter. surely.

Yamaguchi would have succeeded no matter what business he did if he could do this in close contact with the customer and the community.

The book itself can be read in less than an hour, but when you practice it, it takes a bloody effort

A book that reminds me of many things after reading

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