Read Kozo Hamada, “How to Make a Step Money”

「歩を金にする法」升田幸三 を読む

I don’t know when Kozo Hamada was active

I read Shogi world and modern shogi from the 5th or 6th grade of elementary school.

If you are sure of your memory, you will always have a sick leave

Probably it was so because he retired while in class A in 1979

I don’t know which magazine was above

There is a memory that specially played with Tanikawa and Mabe who were the newest at that time

The other day Rakugo Tachikawa’s Tanshi died, but Kozo Hamada is the person who smells the same in me.

Other than this category is Go’s Hideyuki Fujisawa.

Everyone is my favorite person

This book is a great business book with a slightly different reading

In fact, there is a dialogue with Takeo Fujisawa who was a sword of Honda’s Soichiro Honda

The shogi piece is

There are 8 types: King, Gold, Silver, Keima, Fragrance, Flying Car, Horn, Walk

The king is the president

Money is senior sword executive (beginning)

Is silver the sales manager?

Ayumu is a salesperson

Both aces that are in business

What is Keima? Because it ’s surprising.

Incense wheel? ● One straight road. It seems to be clever

What is Keima and the incense wheel at the company?

I can’t answer for now