Read “East Sports Golden Legend”


Sports newspapers released in the evening as well as Nikkan Gendai and evening Fuji and other tabloid magazines.

Such things are divided into those who read and those who do not read.

I’ll never read my younger brother next to my desk

What is it?

This book is pretty interesting!

Book written by a person who actually worked as a reporter at Tokyo Sports

The 40s when I was born were hot

On the back cover, “Do n’t take anything back!”

“It does n’t matter if Yukio Mishima died. One side should be Baba ’s bloodshed.”

“Help your competitors strike”.

Tokyo Sports Shimbun, which has been loved by many readers and has made rapid progress based on its amazing editing policy.

An epic and wild story of reporters who joined the golden age in the early Showa 40s and wrote down legendary stories that are still handed down.