“Cross the horizon” Kenshiro Sugi


The first ever book on Okinawa-Miyazaki Sea Kayak

While crossing the islands from the main island of Okinawa by sea kayak (some of them were uninhabited islands)

It is an adventure to Miyazaki, my hometown

In particular, the fierce battle from the last Tanegashima across the Oiso Strait to Kyushu is amazing.

The coasting distance is about 75km / hour for 16 hours. I was riding a canoe until after midnight …

“If you stop rowing, everything will end.”

I do n’t know because I ’ve never been able to crawl like this.

On the way, it ’s about 50 kilometers, and it ’s about 360 degrees where you can only see the sea.

Is it somehow?

I’m the only river, so I can see both banks. Even if it sinks and swims, it reaches somewhere.

When I sink, I ride the Kuroshio and I do n’t know where I ’ll go.

It ’s amazing.

Was funny