Speaking of which, I forgot to give my father’s day present from my daughter

そういえば、娘からの父の日プレゼント アップし忘れてた

A few days after Father’s Day, I got a leather book cover from my daughter.
I was given a complete custom made book cover if I thought I had completely forgotten

A store called Karukuru / Omotesando

Please choose your favorite design (product) from the items (product group) where the iron objects (dolls blowing the trumpet) in the store are placed. There are 200 kinds of cut leather on the back shelf. Find your favorite one while enjoying the different leather colors, textures, facial expressions and designs. After choosing the color of the stitch thread, leave it to the craftsman. You can see the skill of the takumi until it is completed. Take a stroll through the streets of Omotesando or enjoy a cup of tea or a meal. About two hours later, you will have only one leather goods in the world. An original gift for those who are important to you.

It seems that you can get the original in 2 hours.

This feeling of speed is amazing!

The back of the book cover my daughter chose is like this

そういえば、娘からの父の日プレゼント アップし忘れてた

I will use it carefully

Thank you!

By the way, from the son, it seems that it is the performance of the concert on the day of Father’s Day.
Is that so?