I’m trying to sync with myself while watching my son’s growth


I went to my son’s regular concert on Sunday the other day

My son is a dub amateur and entered a high school brass band

In junior high school, I intended to do it at high school in the tennis club, but I gave up tennis because of my arm failure.

Still, it was really a brass band.
I can’t read even the score, and even junior high school recorders are ridiculous.

My sister is elementary, middle and high school, brass band, and brass band. At university, it was a music band with a member of society, so it might have had some influence.
Last year’s regular concert was just after entering high school,


I couldn’t play well, and I was wearing a Ultra Seven (son) head like the image above.

Such a son this year


I’m playing clarinet quartet. . . .

It seems that the fingers are moving and the sound is coming out. Looks like no mistake.

When you were told to quit tennis because of a breakdown, this was upset,

“Left-handed (I) blood is flowing to you.

But children are going to open up their own way with children.

In this way, while looking at the child, I remember what I was doing at that time.

I didn’t feel like a woman at a boy’s school, but it was fun.

Will my son recall the same high school days when he was about my age?