About Mariya Takeuchi “The Door of Life” 2

Today is my father’s death

Yesterday I visited my grave with my brother and remodeled it as a large-scale cleaning (today continues)

My mother died of cancer shortly before I became five

Since then, he raised me and my brother with a single man

It has been 24 years since my father died suddenly at a ryokan near Konpira-san (Kotohira-cho) in Shikoku.

I will be 48 this year

In other words, this year, the period when there was a father and the period when there was no father was just half of 24 years.

Father’s death is a turning point for me in many ways

It looks like BC, BC. . .

I was in America when my father fell

My brother called me when I was making a salad-like thing on holiday and trying to pour it with Budweiser.

My younger brother was just a new graduate and had just returned from Osaka the previous day for company training.

“It was said that it was impossible to spill blood in the bathroom late at night.

I was told that I died about 10 minutes later.

The voice of my brother at this time is still unforgettable

My brother came to pick me up to Shikoku

At that time I told my brother, “Bake it over there.”

I didn’t want to meet my father who was cold and did not sing

Later, my brother told me that if my relative did not bring his body to his home, he would kill him. It’s natural.

So my father came home by plane

I managed to get home before the night started.

There was a strange thing before the night

A wooden ship sail arrived from Shikoku by courier.

I didn’t know what this was

My relatives were holding the sail of this ship when they died, but I can’t think of it normally.

After that, the courier arrived again and I understood the reason

What arrived was the body of a wooden ship

Together they became a treasure ship

My father died near Kompira and sent a treasure ship

I thought I was like a father

Mariya Takeuchi is the door of life

They say it’s lovely to be 40

But I feel it’s nice to be 50

I live that time