Grave visit


Our grave is in the metropolitan Yabashira cemetery

It’s a cemetery in Tokyo, but it’s a short drive from the office in Matsudo city

It seems to be 20 Tokyo Domes on a vast site

Today I went with my son on a bicycle

The children’s grandparents died before they were born, so there is no real feeling to visit the grave

My mother died before I was 5

That’s why I knew where the grave was when I was in elementary school

Children don’t know where the grave is

I don’t remember taking it by car

I thought this was a little bad and I went by bicycle

The vast site is relatively easy to understand just by turning the corner three times, so I asked for a bicycle while teaching



The grave is 5 square meters

Administrative expenses are cheap because Tokyo is doing

Still, you may lose your rights if you do not pay administrative fees for about 2 years.

If you don’t pay beyond that, you will be able to stand a signboard in front of the grave

After a certain period of time, the remains are transferred to the tombs of unrelated Buddha and their rights are lost.

The boulevard grave is quite big

Maybe there are 30 square meters

I saw several standing signs on such a grave.

I told my son, “I don’t pay administrative fees, or when my descendants die, this will happen.”

I wonder if the number of cases will increase as the birthrate declines

Not only the grave but also the house

The declining birthrate is not only about losing the vitality of the country

I have never felt it in my personal life but it works like a body blow