Announcement tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be an announcement of my son’s high school entrance exam

Exam 9 January

It was still in winter vacation (very early)

I have to leave my house before 6:30, the day before, Onokami Onsen → As a result of drinking Akabane

I went home at 0:00 so I thought I couldn’t wake up if I slept here.

There seems to be a contact to the school principal tomorrow morning

Naturally the fastest pass announcement in class

I have told many times that it is important to pass

As it is a recommendation entrance examination, I think that it will not drop as long as past results are seen

That’s why life attitudes after passing are important.

Classmates are now ready for the exam

My son was so relaxed that I had already received it

If you have a modest class attitude, it will be transmitted to the class.

You may not have enough scholastic ability to teach others to study, but if you can’t do it, you can study

Don’t let that happen and don’t bother me.

Make sure everyone in the class passes the school

The most important thing is to unite your mind.