Son’s exam

My son is in 3rd grade

All the schools you like are private

I started studying for exams after being scattered during the Chiba Prefectural General Preliminaries for soft tennis just after summer vacation.

Well, this is a child who is late or isn’t studying

One point was not enough for the recommendation criteria for the first choice school, and it became a normal examination.

My head was so big that it changed a little in the training camp after the summer vacation (3 hours sleep and 4 days and 3 nights). It seems to have received a lot of stimulation.

I don’t know if I can enter the school I am interested in, but as a parent I want to experience only a small success in this studying era.

Studying for the exam does not appear in direct proportion to what you have done

It takes time until the results of hard work appear on the surface

In other words, Dawn and achievement appear somewhere as it continues to level

There are kids who can’t wait

Give up because I can’t wait. Or I think that it is not suitable for study.

However, this anxiety is sometimes painful and stubborn

After this, some results will come out

A small success experience

I really want my son to experience this experience.

Things and courses studied through the exam are not useful in the future

Just a small successful experience is absolutely helpful to solve the challenges and problems you face for the first time in society

I want to be a human who always hits once and hits any wall

I don’t want you to be afraid to see the wall

As you can see from the front, the thickness is unknown.