Scorching Shiroko Oil Hell Part 2

灼熱 白子油地獄 その2

I arrived at the site in Shiroko-cho a little before 6am.

Shiroko is a tennis town.

There are tennis courts everywhere.

The local junior high school started practicing just after I arrived.

I wasn’t sure how much the tournament was, but over time,

Elementary and junior high school students staying at nearby inns and guesthouses come one after another

If you look at the pamphlet later, it looks like there are 4 digit participants

灼熱 白子油地獄 その2
灼熱 白子油地獄 その2

I saw Sotaro playing tennis for the first time.

All matches are played in pairs, and Sotaro is a vanguard.

Anyway hot

Without sunglasses you can’t open your eyes.

Everyone has red eyes

At night, stay at Grand View Ichinomiya in Tonami

This is a self-catering rental apartment

The room is 8 tatami mats and the air conditioning

I bought too much at the supermarket.

Feel uncomfortable

灼熱 白子油地獄 その2
灼熱 白子油地獄 その2