Scorching Shiroko Oil Hell part 1

灼熱 白子油地獄 その1

Sotaro goes on an expedition in 3 days and 4 days from today to participate in the “All Japan Junior Soft Tennis Tournament” held in Shiroko-cho, Chiba from today

The photo shows the boarding at 7 o’clock.

I decided to go to support tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but it seems that someone must arrive at 8am, so I decided to stay in Mobara today.

The place I stayed was the business hotel City Inn Mobara (main building). In front of Mobara Station.

It was a good town when I was small because my dead father’s friend was in Mobara.

Since Jusco was in front of the station, I bought tomorrow’s gift, and then I bought dinner and liquor and ate it in the room.

Anyway, I want to arrive at the site at 6 o’clock tomorrow