No hemming required

Today, I went to UNIQLO to buy some children’s T-shirts

My son doesn’t have any jeans because he doesn’t like jeans.

Since I came here, I decided to buy jeans because I could buy one.

By the way, the current height is 1 in the middle, close to 170.

I have never measured my waist, so I have 28 and 29 inches to the fitting room

Considering the future growth, I made it 29 inches with a margin.

When I tried it on, I had some inseam, but I bought it as it was without any hemming (not a dowel)

I was surprised that I didn’t need to hem jeans.

How many inseam is this guy?

On the other hand, if you continue to grow as it is, you have anxiety that the inseam is OK and jeans will disappear