What happens if you dive without wearing a wetsuit on the river at 7:00 am on New Year’s Eve

Ship in cold water
Ship in cold water / sonyaseattle

A story about New Year’s Eve in the second year of high school 30 years ago
At that time, he was aiming for Gunma national corps of that year.
(The above image shows the Nagano Canoe competition in May of my second year of high school)
It was a torrenting canoe, but this event is not in high school students
Complete conversion of events
Canadian Canoe Racing (C-1)
This is a reference image!

I’m rowing right, just like the person on the right in the image above

Project your left foot forward

The right leg is a knee (cover with sponge or polystyrene foam on the knee)

A right-handed person has a wrinkle only on the right

Rather than left foot so far forward, left rowing is impossible

You just have to crawl right and go straight

(I don’t know but I stroke with J stroke)

There is nothing to cover the canoe as you can see in the image

If you lose balance, it will be thrown out as it is

And even people who are doing some canoeing can not move forward unless they practice

It ’s hard to balance just this.

And fateful New Year’s Eve

The great palace of Matsudo, who lived in the neighborhood at that time, was invited to morning training during the winter vacation

He came to pick me up at 6:30 and was crawling around Kogasaki around Edogawa from around 7pm

It ’s chilly in the morning, but no matter how many

Windbreaker and sneakers on top and bottom jersey

Life jackets are natural but not worn (do not sink)

Visited at the time of fate

Pull the paddle too much to break the balance and dive into Edogawa

There is no voice even if the face rises due to intense cold

The chest seems to be tightened, so I don’t put water on my arm like when I swim with my arms

Just move your feet slowly and slowly

In such a state, I was just grabbing the canoe and drifting

Even if it ’s a river with a narrow width like the Edo River,

I knew that there was a flow.

It flowed slowly and slowly to the center of the river

I could n’t make a voice

I still think it would have been hard if the great palace didn’t help me

I always remember that this is the New Year

It ’s a laugh now.