Canoeing days “Eat curry for 50 people”




I haven’t been able to do it recently, but Piranania @ Yamada’s canoeing history is from the first year of high school.

So it will be over 20 years.

At that time (Kokosei), “I’m doing a canoe”, “Is this it!”

Kakeko and canoe became a boom when the CM of Tossuke Noda riding a dog on a canoe and rinsing Nissin chicken ramen in the catch of “Delicious immediately, very delicious.”

It ’s rare to be a high school student doing a canoe.

I wasn’t doing it in the club activities of Koko.

The teacher who was indebted to Sugok still belonged

I was in a team of working people.

That’s why one of our KOKO’s first-year seniors, piranha @ Yamada’s classmates (only for those who have survived so far), about seven, and one younger junior about seven.

One year seniors were almost exceptional, so I went to stay at a camp in Saitama every Sunday with the piranha @ Yamada and a group of people under one, and on Sunday, I went to the seniors of adults on the upstream of the Tama River And I was sent to Chichibu’s Nagatoro to row my canoe all day long.

“I have never paid a sen” for 3 years in high school where I had a lot of canoeing days when there were only a few people that I could n’t believe.

Our gluttony and everything was borne by the adults.

It was a good time.

It’s easy, but it seems that it took millions a year (later talk)


The canoe corps became a member of society and in 1991 (26 years old) away from the canoe, old members gathered and participated in the “All Japan Tenryu River Canoe Tournament” (Nagano Prefecture).

The Tenryu River is a river that originates from Lake Suwa, but it’s a fun river with a lot of water and Sungoi water, even though the river is wide

(If the typhoon does not come) You can do canoe.

It is also a river that I thought of as a high school student who participated once and camping for 4 nights.


I’ve been camping 20 years ago, but I never had a campsite. I always set up my tent on the riverside and the side of the parking lot.

So I didn’t have a tarp tent even in 1991 (10 years ago).

A blue industrial tarpaulin is laid on the Tenryu River to secure an area of ​​6 tatami mats, and stones are brought from the river to make a pot door, making it feel like a high-solade dayo.

There are only two tents, one for climbing three-person tents for climbing, and the other one made of industrial waterproof sheets on the bottom sold at discount stores.

After that I had to sleep in the car or sleep under the sky full of stars.

The place Ichida in Nagano Prefecture where this tent was stretched was so hot that there was no daytime tarp tent, so there was no awning.We had to move little by little as the shade of the car moved little by little with the sun. did not become.

It ’s really hot. I tried cracking an egg with my car Pajero’s bonnet, but it was too hot and the whites were stuck together.

(Note: Be sure to use oil)


Enjoying camping is a dinner! Piranania @ Yamada and other canoe corps has a role sharing with nature. Piranha @ Yamada is planning a camp and convening members. I’m in charge of Pirania @ Yamada brother.

The basic camp menu is curry rice.

Tozen We were to follow the royal road faithfully to the basics.

I decided to make curry in advance, so Piranha @ Yamada bought curry roux and cooking utensils at the discount store, and then started cooking with vegetables and liquor at the local supermarket.

When rice cooking started, those who had no trouble started to drink sake.

Our camp was called “Ohanami Camp” by other participants. (That ’s a good name, because there ’s only a waterproof sheet. I do n’t think it ’s going to rain at all.

What really are those who are funny?)

Drinking beer while making curry makes me feel better

Koga (reformer) asks the chef of sweat ducks, “Do you have a little curry yurk?”

The chefs add a curry roux obediently.

(I forgot to write, but curry roux had 50 servings for business)

It is too hot this time when the roux melts and tastes again.

“Now, do you want to dilute it?” “I repeated all of these things several times and I put all of my business-use rou into the pan.

I ended up making about two buckets of curry.

There are only 10 members, but 2 buckets!

It was dark and I couldn’t see it well (I didn’t have a lantern in the early days), but the curry was like a fattening eel

I have never eaten so much curry since then.

Curry gep is a habit.

At the end, I could n’t eat it, so I dug it up and buried it.
Would you like to open this time

It was a good