I don’t need PTA

According to Wikipedia, PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)

The PTA (English: Parent-Teacher Association) in Japan is a social education association organized by parents and teachers. It is a voluntary membership organization and has no legal basis to require formation or membership.

Well, it ’s basic membership, even though there is no obligation to join.

Are public elementary and junior high schools almost mandatory for PTA activities?

Since the distance to school is different in private, it seems that the school may ask PTA officers etc. in advance for relative parents.

I do not have a direct relationship now because I have a large child.

what about? There may be many people who do not want to be involved in PTA activities if possible.

It’s a domo weird.

Really. So I want to think about this problem

What is different is that it does not reflect the modern social situation at all.

In the distant past when I was an elementary and junior high school student, my father was working outside and my mother was a mom who was a housewife. Would have been

However, the recession has continued since the bubble burst long ago. The days of full-time housewives have passed away, and it has become an era of raising children with only one parent because of the increased work of parents or divorce.

Naturally, mothers are definitely busier than in the past. If you work and do housework, your time is not so much. There is PTA activity there.

If you have time, you certainly don’t have time to participate for your child.

Since most of the parents work in class, they can be divided into parents who rarely participate, parents who work hard, and parents who sometimes participate.

From the viewpoint of parents who are working hard, it becomes a diagram of a parent who does not act = Zurii parent, and complains that “Why I do not work up to that person”.

In the first place, it is quite strange from here.

PTA activities are volunteer activities. It is a service activity. Don’t ask for a reward.

Why did it become such a strange organization? “Because everyone participates.” It should return to the original volunteer activities.

In order to do so, all participants should quit and change to candidacy.

Then, the objection that parents who don’t have time for work can’t do it even if they want to participate is born. Connected via SNS.

If you are willing to volunteer even if you don’t get together during the day, you can do it.

Similarly, fathers who have fled just because they are busy with work can no longer escape.

Dad and mom are equal in the Internet society. Dad and mom are just a little bit so you should be able to participate if you have the time to spend time for your children.

It’s not good to broadcast the PTA general meeting online

You can even start a discussion board and have a discussion

In short, isn’t it the feeling of your parents?

I think PTA activities that are full of volunteerism will work