Always on the way

There is a road that goes by car almost every day.

How many years ago? Flowers can now be directed to the telephone pole near the road.

The reason why I’ve always been interested in the scene is that the flowers never stop.

Maybe someone I didn’t know died in a car accident.

Flowers are exchanged more frequently than on the day of the month.

A different flower was offered each time it was exchanged

A yellow flower jumped into my eyes from a distance when I passed the road yesterday.

The weather was fine and the yellow color was vivid.

It looked like it was just offered.

At the same time, I saw a young man crouching near a telephone pole and holding a can of juice in his hand.

Is it in the early 20s around the year? He was a young man with short hair.

Of course, I don’t know the relationship between the deceased and the youth.

Just somehow I was relaxed.

If the person who died is close to the young man, his age will not be different from that of his son.

I imagine that my friend died without permission, but the child is still alive in the youth.

I would be grateful if I was a parent.

And I will be proud of such a child.