The World Cup Rugby national team’s great fight has increased the popularity of rugby at a stretch, but there is a possibility that it will be posh because it did not make a saucer

The World Cup Rugby national team’s fight ended on October 20th in South Africa.

Strangely, that day was the death of Seiji Hirao.

From the pre-war forecast of 4 wins in all qualifiers, I couldn’t believe it, and I finished in 1st place in the qualifying.

Personally, I wanted to pass 2nd and play against New Zealand. I wanted to see if the current Japanese national team became stronger compared to 1995 when I lost 17-145.

I have written 2 rugby articles in the past

「Why rugby does not rise in Japan」

「Why rugby won’t rise in Japan (Part 2)」

At the end of (Part 2),

Lastly, whether the popularity of rugby will increase in the future will ultimately depend on the fight of the Japanese national team

Create a legend!

I expect

The Japanese national team has really made a legend! !

The ball was thrown to the Rugby Society.

How do you take the “Niwawa Rugby Fan” out of the ridiculous number of people into “Rugby Fan”?

What are you going to do in the coming rugby season?

In the first place, those who were interested in rugby after seeing this World Cup are fans of the Japanese national team, not the members of the team of adults to whom each Japanese national team belongs.

You will not be interested in high school rugby and university rugby top leagues

According to Nikkei Business article

The top league, the highest peak in the country, is not a professional league. 16 teams belong to each company. Although there are some professional players, many are “working leagues” in that they continue to play rugby while having a job. Strongly dependent on each company’s social contribution activities. Kiyomiya is a sports-related event held in July this year, and the Japan Rugby Association has revealed that 7 of the past 12 years were in the red. An unstable financial base is one of the challenges of Japanese rugby.

The Kiyomiya concept is this. The 12 cities hosting the World Cup will be called “Origin 12” and a league consisting of professional teams based in these 12 cities will be established. Stuffed with league requirements in prospect this year in November, the 2021 autumn kicks off the new league. The current top league will end in the spring of 2021 and will be replaced by a Japanese player-based adult league. The professional league will be divided into two layers, with professional players and adult leagues with amateur players.



It’s 2021 as planned.

Next year is the Tokyo Olympics. Japanese people who are easy to change will be Tokyo Olympic mode from now on next year. You can forget rugby right away

I missed an opportunity that I would never visit again.

“The professional league has started this fall with the current enthusiasm”.

There seems to be no such person in the Rugby Association as a former chairman of soccer Saburo Kawabuchi. He can’t miss such a chance.

Thus, I read that rugby becomes a feature every four years.

Professional baseball has taken root in the region with the change of headquarters managers. When I was an elementary and junior high school student (over 40 years ago), I never thought that a team with franchise would appear in Hokkaido or Sendai.

That’s what football teams are all over the country.

Rugby doesn’t have it.

If you think about it, it might be because you didn’t hit anything during the rugby boom when Honjo was in Waseda.

Although university rugby has come to a great extent, it was a weak country in the world, so if you were serious about competing against the world at that time, I think that it was possible to expand locally in a natural and grassroots movement.

It wasn’t strange to have a professional league before football

Takizawa is crying!