Why rugby does not rise in Japan

日本でラグビーが盛り上がらないわけ (その2)」を書きました



I read an article on Toyo Keizai Online about why rugby doesn’t rise in Japan.

(For details → why rugby does not rise in Japan)

I played rugby in a physical education class at high school, but my base school was strong and I was in Hanazono as a representative of Tokyo twice during my three years at school.

I went to Hanazono about 3 times (when I went to graduation, the final of the national tournament was a great match between Tokyo representatives, though I lost)

That’s why I often saw rugby. Especially high school rugby.

In the above article

Goromaru became popular after defeating South Africa at last year’s World Cup England tournament, but he never played in an international match
Fan “Eddie Ross” (Eddie Jones head coach who led the previous World Cup left the team after World Cup) His mother is a Japanese American Nisei and his wife is Japanese.
Supporter is poorly enclosed

The point is mentioned.

Well, I think that is true for the latest chicken fans.

The reason why the rugby population of elementary, middle and high school students does not increase

Japan’s rugby population is about 115,000, ranking 12th in the world, but 0.09% of the population (9 out of 10,000), the lowest.
The situation surrounding Japanese rugby is severe. The number of high schools that participated in Hanazono qualifying decreased from 1,490 schools in 1991 to 786 teams in 2014. “Team” is mentioned because it includes teams participating in several schools due to lack of members. There are many high schools that somehow participate with the help of helpers from other departments. By the way, there are about 4,000 schools for soccer and baseball.

The most exciting rugby was when Waseda University had a stand-off Honjo (see here on Wikipedia for Kazuhiko Honjo)

That is why Rugby’s popular Max was when I was in high school.

Then, after a long period of stagnation, it was the course that led to the previous World Cup England tournament.

As a result of the declining birthrate, there was an increase in the number of only one child at my home school, and parents were unable to do it because rugby was dangerous.

As a result, the parent school is also in a slump. I think that the reason that I started to go to the Tokyo finals a little while ago was that I was able to play rugby for 6 years in a junior high and high school.

Because there is not much rugby club in public junior high school. That three years is big.

To be honest, the World Cup Tokyo tournament won’t rise

The Japanese are so flexible that they can incorporate Halloween as their own culture. We expect it to wither as if the bubble blew after it was over.

This is because the rugby federation is bad, but it has failed to expand the bottom.

To be recognized as a really popular sport, aiming for the Japanese national team rather than increasing the number of fans of the Japanese national team.

No matter what you think, it will not be in time for the World Cup Tokyo Games.

There are many boys and girls who want to be professionals in both soccer and baseball.

If you do not nurture young people who want to stand on the stage, only the World Cup Tokyo tournament will be exciting.

However, it is the peculiarity of each position that I think it is difficult to develop boys and girls in a sport called rugby.

I hate to say that I can do forward hookers and props (three in the front row of Scrum) in elementary school. I don’t touch the ball too much.

It takes time to understand the fun. In other words, it takes time to understand how to save yourself.

Even if the position is different in baseball, it will turn in order of hitting. Soccer is different in attack defense, but it doesn’t mean you don’t touch the ball at all.

Is n’t the spread of touch rugby the best?

It was an amateur idea